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30 October 2018

Get in touch with corporates and investors and be inspired by our speakers and datafood start ups!

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Blending Data Science & Agrifood

Rapidly emerging bigdata technologies such as data analysis, mining, visualization and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the entire Agrifood chain - from ground to mouth. These techniques, combined with broader developments such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, robotisation, 3D printing and nanotechnology, lead to the emergence of new business models and new opportunities for entrepreneurs.



Tom de Bruyne

Co-founder SUE Amsterdam

Tom de Bruyne is co-Founder of SUE Amsterdam & Behavioural Design Academy. We're a team of psychologists and creatives that turn deep insights on customer behaviour into marketing communication strategies that actually work. SUE is working before and behind the screen across industries like media, politics, finance, B2B and social profit. Our mission is to nudge people into positive choices. Our culture can be best described as Knalldrang.

Sicco Pier van Gosliga

Directeur Data Science, Connecterra

Sicco Pier van Gosliga is leading Connecterra's R&D efforts on data science. Connecterra is developing a wearable device for dairy cows to monitor their health and well-being. It helps farmers improve the life of their animals and at the same time increase the farm's productivity and profitability. This is a win-win for all involved and we believe it can help impact global dairy markets in a positive way.

Casper Koomen

Casper Koomen

blau lab

Casper Koomen believes that curiosity and creativity are core business skills of the 21st century. He brings these skills to businesses and organisations that want to have a positive impact on people, society and planet. He has a particular passion for digital technology and how these technologies together with business and human-centered creativity can be applied to make a positive impact. Casper scores very high on creative thinking skills, is an analytical and intuitive thinker who makes connections between technology, people and organisations and he is able to motivate others in exploring and embracing new ideas.

Roger Engelberts

Roger Engelberts


Roger Engelberts is Chief Emotions Officer (CEO) at Imagro, a bureau for strategy and creation with dazzling and innovative perspectives on agrifood and living environment. Engelberts is also Professor Co-creative Entrepreneurship at HAS university of Applied Science. Highly energetic and creative, Engelberts encourages his clients, employees and students to adopt new and often thought provoking perspectives. Having a deep understanding of metacontexts and inner motivations, this inspirational entrepreneur invites you to step out the commodity trap and to stand out from the crowd. Do you want to get great results? Engelberts believes in passionately listening to the beating heart of your company, your life and your team. Don’t overthink. Dare. Do. Jump!


Corporates and investors
Get inspired by below business challenges
KPN logo


KPN is an active player in the smart Agri area. Think of IOT solutions for precision farming in order to improve the production process of farmers. As well as being an active partner of IOF 2020, aiming for optimizing agriculture production with the help of sensoring and beyond. We are as well active in Groningen and Drenthe with a 5G Fieldlabs for experimenting on 5G and agriculture in the broadest sense of the word.

For the speeddate sessions, we are looking for Startups that already have a working product and paying customers in the areas of;

- Chain transparency for fruit cultivation or food safety

- Chain transparency for farmers as well as offering solutions for staying in control of the data they share or not (personal data space)

- Soil labeling, in order to get insights and improvements in the soil status in Holland and worldwide

- relevant appliciations for the 5G fieldlabs, focused on agriculture as well as on the benefits of 5G like low latency, guaranteed data delivery as well as crowded IOT solutions in 1 area.

Please apply by sending a pitch deck of your proposition as well as commercial traction and a specific demand question for KPN.

We love Innovations, we love Startup



Unilever is building a state of the art Food Innovation Center in Wageningen. The digital transformation of our people, the tools they use, the way they work and the infrastructure within and outside the building are an integral part.

For the speeddate sessions, we are looking for Startups that already have a working product in the areas of:

1. Digitization of our pilot plant, kitchens, laboratories through augmented reality.

2. Improvement of the foods experience of consumers through artificial intelligence.

Please apply by sending a pitch deck of your proposition.

Interfood logo


Interfood is a global leader within the dairy industry. With 16 offices around the world, > €1 Billion turnover and 1 million MT of dairy commodities, we strive for the best service for our customers and suppliers. The dairy market is complex and market information and price risk management are two of our four value propositions.

For this event we’re looking for:
- Collecting & analyzing live data in the agri business
- Translating data to a digital platform
- Sustainability / Blockchain within agri or commodities
- Capability to create algorithms to optimize our processes
- Meaningful API’s to connect to a digital platform (weather, rainfall, distance calculator between 2 places, etc.)



Does your startup have a solution that helps to feed the world’s cities? Rapid population growth, urbanization and the effects of climate change challenge the way we are producing our food. Innovation and investments in smart farming for metropolitan areas are crucial to achieving a sustainable food production in the future.

FoodStars is an initiative of World Startup Factory and Truvalu.startups. Together with our partners, we foster the growth of horti-tech startups with innovative solutions aiming at improving the quality of life.

For the speeddating, we are looking for startups that could join FoodStars accelerator either in Nov '18 or next year in spring.

Main focus areas:
- vertical, urban, smart farming
- soil, water, light innovation
- climate control,
- healthy alternative food
- reuse of agri-waste, circular economy, closed loop

Startup selection criteria:
- impact-driven mindset
- dependable team
- MVP readiness
- innovative solution
- scalable value proposition

We believe that doing good and doing business can go hand in hand.



Connected Transport

Problem statement
With the need for greater control over the cold chain, end-to-end visibility of perishable products has become ever more critical. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in.
Using shipping containers with GPS capabilities or adding RFID sensors to products, pallets or crates can measure the temperature, humidity, shock, vibrations and other parameters of cargo during the shipping process.
IoT-enabled solutions can transmit this data in real-time, sending alerts or notifications should conditions become compromised. Then, armed with predictive and descriptive analytics, companies can make any necessary corrections to maintain the integrity of food and drugs throughout the shipping process. Already companies are achieving the competitive benefits that come with integrating IoT with cold chain logistics. However, there remains much potential for further improving visibility and control of perishable products once they leave the lab or farmstead. To reach this potential Hitachi will require an intelligent platform that can collect, manage and transmit data in real time across many devices, sensors, and systems.

As part of the co-creation efforts within Hitachi we are looking for a solution which will provide a solution which could provide a data collection and analytics platform either on-premise or cloud.
The solution could be either a hardware (or software only) configuration and installation, data integration, analytics and solution deployment. The solution will utilize sensors, which are installed to track real-time fleet tracking, environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, location and acceleration. In terms of tracking location at every point in the chain, indoor location technologies needs to be cost-effective to deploy for high accuracy (for example inventory on a particular shelf). Video analytics and human (visual) or robot-driven scans must be used for inventorying purposes.

Could Blockchain be integrated with this solution?

Rabobank logo


Data4Food: Why a bank is working on food & agri data-driven solutions
The future of our bank is in supporting Food & Agri companies to improve their businesses and help entrepreneurs be successful. Using and combining (operational) data from various links in the value chain can help create valuable, tactical and strategic insights that enable better decision making on all levels. To do this, we have to explore possibilities on how we can use, store and manage data to make businesses and the value chain more transparent, sustainable and efficient.
working product combined with first traction within F&A space.

We are actively looking for startups that already have a working product and have traction in the F&A space and we are looking for:
- Innovations that provide data driven insights and help farmers make decisions that impact the profitability of the farm on operational, tactical and strategic level.
- Solutions and algorithms that could translate data from different sensors or data sources(financial and operational) into insights that could assist in strategic decision-making at farm level, as well as on operational level.
- Additional data sources that could enrich available data for the farmer and improve the quality of the insights.
- Companies that enable further digitalization on the farm, and implementation of sensors with the goal to improve the quality and amount of data for the farmer.
- We look for companies that provide insights in the food chain, from farm to fork, with the use of data, IoT, or blockchain to increase efficiency, food security and reduce food waste (bonus: combination with value chain financing)



Rockstart has launched a new AgriFood domain and is looking for startups applying deep tech, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to AgriFood, and at the same time contribute to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2,3,6,12,14 and 15

For the speed date sessions, we are looking for startups that already have a working product and paying customers in the area of optimisation of processes & practices in the food supply system.

The startups should work on driving efficiency in the supply system with better connectivity and distribution by addressing and tying together specific niche areas in the food system rather than the system as a whole. For example, consider individual commodity routes, specific communication lines between stakeholders or the needs of large actors in the supply system.

Please apply by sending a pitch deck of your startup including commercial traction and a specific demand question for Rockstart.


Bosch Investeringsfonds (BIF)

Zes private investeerders, allen succesvol ondernemer, zetten hun kapitaal, kennis en netwerk in voor veelbelovende en groeiende bedrijven in de regio Noordoost Brabant. Het Bosch Investeringsfonds heeft een omvang van € 14 miljoen en is gefund door de private investeerders en de Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch. BIF heeft een duidelijke lange termijn focus en helpt ondernemers bij het aanbrengen van een groeiversnelling.

BIF participeert in de vorm van een aanzienlijk minderheidsaandeel (20-49%) in bedrijven met:
- groeipotentieel en omzet > € 500.000,- (post start-up)
- een krachtig managementteam;
- een kapitaalbehoefte vanwege groei of overname;
- vestiging in de regio 's-Hertogenbosch, Oss, Veghel.

Hendrix Genetics

Hendrix Genetics

Hendrix Genetics is an animal breeding, genetics and technology company. Our breeding programs include poultry, pigs, and aquaculture. Since our foundation in 2005, we have grown to a company with over 3,000 employees in 25 countries, with a global distribution network. We are looking to collaborate with startups that share our ambition for growth and offer innovative and sustainable solutions for the animal protein value chain.

Who are we looking for?

For the speed date sessions, we are looking for startups with a working product and customer traction in the following areas:

- Smart livestock farming, including all technology that helps to monitor farm conditions and animal welfare, as well as technology and analytics to capture, store, and process the resulting data

- Advanced analytics, including all data-based applications offering advanced analytics and prediction to support management of all stages of the animal protein value chain

What do we offer?

What we offer is access to our global network of farmers and partners, expertise in all aspects of livestock production, and funding. 

We are looking forward to meeting you
Please apply by sharing a pitch deck clearly outlining your solution, business model, target market, strategy, and next steps. Let's innovate together! 



Tackling food waste and inefficiencies in global food chains.

Maersk is the world’s largest shipping company and has been involved in logistics and transportation for more than a century. Today Maersk ships more perishable food than anyone else and are well positioned to deliver impact across food value chains.

Maersk Growth, the corporate venture arm of Maersk, is looking for promising startups with solutions to reduce food waste and improve the efficiency across global food supply chains. 

We are interested in startups with a working product and customer traction addressing challenges in the early stages of the value chain; prior to retail & consumption.

Solution themes that we are particularly interested in includes information systems encouraging more transparency and information sharing in the food chains, food condition tracking and analysis to determine if something is spoiling across the whole value chain, new ways of delivering actionable insights to stakeholders in the food system through data generation and analysis.

Please apply by sending a pitch deck of your proposition.


30 October 2018

  • #DATAFOOD Start up Festival
  • 12.30: Networking lunch
  • 13.15: Welcome

    By chairman Roger Engelberts

  • 13.30: Inspiration Talk

    Tom de Bruyne

  • 14.00: Inspiration Talk

    Sicco Pier van Gosliga

  • 14.45: Design Thinking session

    Led by Casper Koomen

  • 15.45: Market place with start ups and networking drinks

    Start ups have the opportunity to present themselves and there is plenty of opportunity for networking.

  • 18.00 uur: End
  • Speeddates with corporates and investors
  • 1-2-1 conversations
    Get in touch with corporates and investors during 1-2-1 conversations. 13.30 - 16.30

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